..:: Gr. EC JustCoon's Killer Queen ::..

3. beste Tortie des des Jahres 2012 von Tica International

3. mejor black-tortie del mundo del ano 2012 en tica international y mejor
black-tortie del ano 2012 an america del sur
3. best black-tortie of the world in the year 2012 of tica international and best
black-tortie of the year 2012 in southamerica


black-tortie *29.06.2010

..:: Pedigree ::..


5 years


4,5 years


4 years

3 years


2 years


2 years


black-tortie *29.06.2010

..:: Pawpeds ::..
Justcoons Ruba Cuore


Borneo des Shags of Saskatoon

brown cl tb 

IC Moulin de Crecy┤s Toffee  SGC Willowplace Nautilus of Moulincrecy 
Mainacadia Swallo of Moulincrecy 
Willowplace Wildflower  Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace 
TICA CH Willowplace Magnificent Maude 
Justcoons Al Hambra


MenuchÓ della Trib¨ del Deserto  CH Ildago della Quercia 
Le Beau Minu Carol 
Desibel faricoon  IC Arctic Coons Red Hot Chili Pepper 
Arctic Coons Hotlips 
Freeclimbers Golden Eye


Big Giants Taylor

brown mackerel tb 

CH Endless Cats Devil in the Sky  IC Tappernojes Snowfox 
Cooncatzs Frederikke 
Rowanridge Joann  CH Willowplace Tecumseh of Rowanridge 
Hylsyde Sacajawea of Rowanridge 

brown patched mackerel tabby

GIC Merridancers Hellfire  Arctic Coons Gallatazzarai 
IC Merridancers Aurora Borealis 
Deanne Troi of Chamberlain  CH Falko vom Engelshuegel 
Waldemaine Trudhild